Underrated #1 – Biotix: Phage Genesis

An underrated game that will give your mind a healthy challenge, a great multitasking real time active strategy game. Continue reading


Dell Latitude D620 WiFi on Linux: How to

This requires that you are connected to the internet some other way because it will need to download some files to work.

The WiFi chip on quite a lot of laptops don’t always work out-of-box with linux, but with some popular chips, it takes a command or two to get them to work.

Here’s what you need to do in order to make WiFi on Dell Latitude D620 work with Linux. This was tested on Linux Mint 17.2, the laptop reports that it has a Broadcom BCM4311 (14e4:4311) network controller. Continue reading

Dell’s aged D620 has great linux & aircrack-ng support

Screenshot from 2015-12-14 19:16:57

this was the output for airodump-ng, looking for available networks

Have you ever looked up something like “great hardware for aircrack-ng”, or “aircrack-ng compatible laptops”?

Dell’s old Latitude D620 is cheap, and completely compatible with linux and aircrack-ng. Everything but the WiFi works out of the box, the WiFi only takes one command and it starts working as well

Dell’s Latitude D620 is great bang for the buck, around $80, I’d say it’s money well spent if you get a good unit. Continue reading

Disable Chrome’s (Sometimes Annoying) Malware Warnings

For a beginner, these alerts like hey don’t visit this site it contains harmful content might be really helpful, but it gets really annoying when the same filtering engine gets in your way, accessing sites you know you can handle without this warning making you carefully tapping a very small hidden-away button to get through to the site. Continue reading