Disable Certain Updates in Windows 10: Get selective updates

Tired of getting certain Windows 10 or driver updates on your Windows 10 PC?

Here’s how you can temporarily disable certain updates:

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The Aquaris M10: Ubuntu’s Continuum Killer Tablet is here!

Good news for everyone who wished it was someone in the Linux world who pushed convertible tablets instead of Microsoft, because Ubuntu’s first tablet that can switch between being your full time work computer and your couch buddy is here.

BQ’s Aquaris M10 is a 10″ tablet computer that is capable of running desktop Linux apps.

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C’mon doll – My Goodness Lyrics (Public Collab Post)

[I’m trying to transcribe this song, you can use to comments to add in what you’ve been able to make out of the song, thanks]

It’s been a long night, I’ve been drowning in the covers



A Beautiful Song from Shameless US (Links + Lyrics)

Today I discovered a beautiful song while binge watching Shameless US (Season 3 Episode 9 to be specific).

The song plays when Fiona is taking the bus and is buying a dress for her new desk/office job at Worldwide Cup, you can’t really make out any words since they just included the instrumental parts, the song is so peaceful. It’s called Bobcat Goldwraith by The Acorn. Continue reading


The First OLED Laptop Ever, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

Every single time I’ve had to buy a laptop for me or someone I know, there was always one thing that every single laptop on the market lacked, and that was an OLED display. But not anymore!

Earlier today, Lenovo’s released a new ThinkPad with an OLED display! Continue reading


Underrated #1 – Biotix: Phage Genesis

An underrated game that will give your mind a healthy challenge, a great multitasking real time active strategy game. Continue reading


Dell Latitude D620 WiFi on Linux: How to

This requires that you are connected to the internet some other way because it will need to download some files to work.

The WiFi chip on quite a lot of laptops don’t always work out-of-box with linux, but with some popular chips, it takes a command or two to get them to work.

Here’s what you need to do in order to make WiFi on Dell Latitude D620 work with Linux. This was tested on Linux Mint 17.2, the laptop reports that it has a Broadcom BCM4311 (14e4:4311) network controller. Continue reading