LGBT & climate change mentions disappear from White House website

There used to exist a page at the address that showed a page about Obama administration’s work on Civil Rights and Marriage Equality. It kept track of victories in courts that were considered historic and had featured campaigns like the It Gets Better Project that helps kids struggling with thoughts of suicide.

However, right after Donald J. Trump became President, that page disappeared. This was just hours after Trump took oath


The White House website shows a 404 Page Not Found message on the address

It started returning a 404 Page Not Found error which redirects (at the very first visit) to a transition splash page. This new page is nothing more than an invitation to Donald J. Trump’s on-boarding campaign.

b.JPG now redirects you to a ‘transitionsplash’ page on the Donald J. Trump White House website

This has sparked battle on social media about what should have been the best action following Trump taking office. Whether it was a good move or should the new administration had kept the page to show it’s continued support for civil rights.

On 23 Jan 2017 these searches returned:


Searching Climate Change on White House website returns an irrelevant result.


Searching LGBT on White House website returns nothing.


Searching Global Warming on White House website returns yet again nothing.


The one result about climate change was irrelevant. While ‘lgbt’ and ‘global warming’ returned nothing.

Donald J. Trump & Mike Pence on LGBT

POTUS Donald J. Trump’s controversial stance on marriage equality and climate change has been talked about a lot in the mainstream media. The new POTUS has opposed marriage equality in the past and has been very reluctant to admit that climate change is even real.

The new VEEP, Vice President Mike Pence has been vocal about lgbt rights as well. He’s had an even more controversial stance. The new Vice President supported a religious freedom bill that allowed business owners to deny service to lgbt people as long as they said that it was for religious reasons. Many have called Pence a fraud and doubted his ability to hold office for long in the past.

Here’s a quote to show VEEP’s stance on marriage-equality from 2006:

societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.

Could It Just Be Routine

With each new President, it is protocol to reset all White House digital assets and social media accounts. Some are convinced that the disappearance of lgbt and climate change content might just be part of this transition and nothing more.

But given Trump Administration’s stance on both topics, it’s highly unlikely that as this new chapter begins, both topics will resurface the same way the were under the Barack Obama Administration. The transition of power is starting to show significant changes everywhere.

People Are Speaking Up Against Trump

People from the LGBT community have expressed concerned like Gay Times Magazine and Human Rights Campaign about Trump Administration axing all mentions of LGBT on the White House website.


People are speaking up against Trump. 156 LGBT Elected Officials Write Open Letter to President Trump.

On 21st of January, over 1 million people in D.C. gathered together to raise voice against Trump Administration, this was soon after the new POTUS took oath of office.

The people behind the awareness campaign called #WomensMarch will be organizing ten further actions like this one for the first 100 days of Trump Presidency.

Please leave your questions, comments and opinions in the comments section below.

And stay strong fellow citizens. 👽👽👽👽



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