libreadline: cannot open shared object file

Installed PHP-FPM long after installing PHP itself.

When executed, both of them said this:

php: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Solved this by updating libreadline (in my case from v6.3 to v7.0)

sudo pacman -S readline

And tada! Problem solved. No more errors.

CAUTION: This might break dependencies for bash, you might wanna make some symlinks named as older (.6.3, .6) versions for libreadline in /lib and similar links might be needed for libtinfo.


Failed to execute default Terminal Emulator (Hint vte3-ng)

“Failed to execute default Terminal Emulator: Input/output error”

I recently ran into this problem with xfce4-terminal, I have around 7 or 8 desktop environments installed and selectively upgraded xfce4.

After spending an hour trying to fix the problem here’s what worked (total accident).

I was installing termite (another terminal emulator), and it installed vte3-ng and removed vte3.

I tried reopening xfce4-terminal and it worked like a charm.

Hope it saves you some time!

The Aquaris M10: Ubuntu’s Continuum Killer Tablet is here!

Good news for everyone who wished it was someone in the Linux world who pushed convertible tablets instead of Microsoft, because Ubuntu’s first tablet that can switch between being your full time work computer and your couch buddy is here.

BQ’s Aquaris M10 is a 10″ tablet computer that is capable of running desktop Linux apps.

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A Beautiful Song from Shameless US (Links + Lyrics)

Today I discovered a beautiful song while binge watching Shameless US (Season 3 Episode 9 to be specific).

The song plays when Fiona is taking the bus and is buying a dress for her new desk/office job at Worldwide Cup, you can’t really make out any words since they just included the instrumental parts, the song is so peaceful. It’s called Bobcat Goldwraith by The Acorn. Continue reading